Artificial Knowing is equipped with prototyping tools for both products and data. We develop and co-create with diverse voices in development, gaming, transportation and sensory experiences to create unique and meaningful intelligent design for projects across scale. We prototype AI experiences to innovate and design for missed market opportunities.


Inclusive AI Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI Design) is the design of intelligent systems, agents and interactions both in digital and physical-digital form. Inclusive design is created with and for demographics that are often excluded (varying SES, age, gender identity, race).


We research and prototype AI experiences to design for missed market opportunities. Our domain expertise includes: Emotions Analytics, Sensory Analytics, Spatial User Experience, and Inclusive AI.


We share inclusive and co-creational approaches to empower designers, engineers and product developers and share our methods for inclusive AI Design. We additionally facilitate cross-functional training with a proprietary in-browser onboarding tool, allowing teams to update "design thinking" approaches and engage in "AI Design thinking". 

Our pilot series of artificial intelligence (AI) workshops in 2017 were conducted to foster gender-equitable, creative tech spaces in which small working groups agree upon a mutual area of concern and, drawing upon collective skills. Participants respond to working with different knowledge systems. This approach resulted in a reprioritization of the design process which highlighted new design contexts and new product outcomes.