Artificial Knowing innovates for intelligent products and systems. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation practice updates “design thinking” to engage AI tools and knowledge frameworks — we call this AI Design. We have domain expertise in inclusive design, emotions analytics, sensory AI and user experience of AI.



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AI Design Innovation

Founded in 2017, Artificial Knowing is a women-run studio designing for Knowledge Systems through AI Innovation. Led by co-founders Christine Meinders and Selwa Sweidan, Artificial Knowing helps companies engage in meaningful knowledge design, from an inclusive design approach.  We leverage proprietary methods and a community research practice, to innovate with and for AI.

Christine Meinders, Co-founder
Christine Meinders is an AI designer/researcher who uses collaborative and inclusive design approaches to co-author social AI projects and AI design tools. As a researcher and designer, Christine holds an MFA in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Her research has focused on the design and utilization of emotion analysis in intelligent agents, inclusive design in AI, and collaborative design for embodiment in hybrid spaces. 

Selwa Sweidan, Co-founder
Selwa Sweidan is a researcher and innovation consultant. She has served clients in the US, Japan and Italy including Benetton, the Japanese Ministry of Science and Technology, McKinsey Seoul and UniLever Japan. Selwa was an Interactive Design Fellow at Fabrica (a communications think tank in Italy) and awarded “Best Overall” at the Microsoft Design Expo ’15 for her olfactory-tech R&D. Selwa attained her BA from Smith College and an MFA (STEM) from ArtCenter College of Design.

Heidi Gaudet
Heidi Gaudet is a designer from Las Vegas, NV based in Los Angeles. She works primarily with digital media and has a deep interest in human interaction. She has a background in anthropology and moved into design as a way to further her understanding of human behavior.  



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